We use only full hides of leather from the finest tanneries. Leather quality varies enormously, as anyone who has seen cheap leather will testify, and as a result only the best of leathers that pass quality standard are used, The colour range is extensive and whatever type of leather you choose you can be confident it is of the highest quality.
We can advise on care and maintenance of your chosen leather. 
All our frames are constructed of Australian hardwood and joints are glued, screwed and corner blocked, and of course come with a guarantee.  
Foam and Cushions
Our foam is purchased from an Australian manufacturer and conforms to national standards. As an added precaution, it is treated with Perma Guard, recognised treatment of domestic polyurethane foam, to safegurad against dust mites, bugs and termites. 
Cushion interiors can be supplied soft or firm, whatever your preference. 
Buttons are attached to our furniture individually, each one tied or fixed by hand. 
We are confident in the quality of our furniture and give a 12 year structural guarantee. 
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